4 Myths About Mexican Food

4 Myths About Mexican Food

While many people love Mexican food, some do not, and perhaps the reason they don't like authentic Mexican food is because they mistakenly believe a myth about this delicious food type. Tio Chilo's is a family-owned authentic Mexican restaurant located in San Francisco. We are a family-friendly eatery that believes in warming your heart with our food and giving back to our wonderful community that gives so much to us. Learn about four myths about Mexican food below, and stop by today!

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All Mexican Food is Spicy

There is, indeed, a lot of Mexican food that is spicy, but not all Mexican food is. In fact, even some chiles that are commonly used in Mexican food aren't spicy. It is quite common and easy to get mild Mexican food without the spice. In fact, most of the spice that people think of when they think of spicy Mexican food is spices that are added as toppings and flavorings, not within the meal itself.

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Hard-Shell Tacos Are Mexican

Hard-shell tacos are not authentic Mexican food. In fact, hard-shell tacos were invented by the founder of Taco Bell who thought Americans would like them — and he wasn't wrong! So, the next time you eat hard-shell tacos, it probably won't be at a local authentic Mexican restaurant.

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All Mexican Food is Meant to Be Eaten With a Tortilla

Saying all Mexican food is meant to be eaten with a tortilla is the same as saying that all American food items are meant to be eaten with French fries. While it's true many authentic Mexican dishes have a tortilla, it's only a fraction of the total amount of authentic Mexican food that does.

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All Mexican Food is Unhealthy

There is a big misconception that most authentic Mexican food items are unhealthy for you, being high in fat and calories and greasy. This is simply not the case. While some Mexican food items are high in calories, so are dishes from every other cultural food. In fact, many of the high-calorie Mexican foods that come to mind when mentioning high-fat content, such as burritos and nachos, have more to do with the toppings than the actual food itself.


Tio Chilo's is a San Francisco Mexican restaurant that serves authentic Mexican food. From burritos and enchiladas to tostadas and milanesas, we've got all of the best Mexican food right here. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you can stop by anytime you have a craving. Plus, we make some of the best margarita flights in San Francisco. Stop by today!

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